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About Us

 EHC Industries Limited has been in operation since April 1990 registered under the trade name  MODOFFICE. EHC  is registered with the National Contracts Commission (NCC) for Security Systems as a Grade 1 Contractor and has been the first Jamaican company to achieve that classification and continuously maintain it. 

We cater to clients who seek sophisticated integrated solutions to simplify their business operations and improve management control, allowing them to concentrate on achieving their goals with increased productivity, confident that EHC industries will supply, install, integrate and maintain suitable products/ applications in a superior manner. 

Our ever expanding client base includes some of the largest as well as small companies in Banking, Insurance, Distribution, Information Technology, Lodging, Utilities, Education and Government. Currently most clients reside in Jamaica but we provide services for companies in the wider English speaking Caribbean, including the Turks and Caicos Islands, Cayman Islands, Belize and Trinidad and Tobago. 

EHC Industries Ltd. has developed Business Partnerships with leading suppliers in fields where their depth of experience can be of definite benefit to our clients. This has helped us to provide consulting, design, installation and maintenance services of the highest caliber. Key business partners can be found on our products page. 

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